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Two By Two – Entry#19

It’s funny to think how much has changed since the last time I was in my room.

After Dr. Williams informed us we’d be paired up from here on out, I assumed this meant Tammy and I would have a chance to continue our conversation about a plan for escape.

But this assumption was clearly trumped by Tammy’s libido.

Just as I took a step in her direction, Tammy practically leapt 6 feet away to secure her grasp on William’s arm. “Hey,” she cooed at him. “Wanna share a room?”

My escape plan hadn’t factored in the strength of Tammy’s desire to mingle with the opposite sex. It would take more than becoming a Zombie to slow this woman down. William looked shell-shocked but nodded in agreement. So much for my partner in crime.

It was amazing just how quickly people paired up with one another. Just then, I realized there were 25 of us, an odd number of Zombies. I needed to make a friend and fast.

Just before panic set in, I scanned the room quickly and noticed a petite woman with short, dark hair who appeared lost. I prepared to make a quick introduction when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I turned around and saw John. “Want to be roommates?” I suddenly remembered how vocal he’d been during our first group encounter with Dr. Williams.

With conviction, I nodded. “Yes,” I answered as the two of us shook hands.


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