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Roomies – Entry#20

Just as we finished shaking on our agreement to become roommates, John and I were approached by Dr. Williams. Shaking her head, she said, “No, I’m sorry. We’ll only be doing same sex roommates.” Tammy, overhearing her, spoke up in what I now realized was her trademark sassy tone of voice, “Are you kidding me? Why not? It’s not like we can get pregnant.” Dr. Williams adjusted her glasses on the bridge of her nose with a stern look. “That is something we don’t yet know for sure.”

At this, all of us, even including audacious Tammy, looked at Dr. Williams in horror. What if it were possible for us Zombie women to have babies? What kind of creature would we bring into the world? That unspoken question was enough to scare Tammy enough to promptly release her grip on William and make a beeline for my arm.

Pushing John aside, she said, “Sorry, nothing personal, but I’m here to claim my roommate.” ¬†Momentarily bewildered, John walked over to William and stood next to him. Under her breath, Tammy quietly said to me, “So what was this escape business you were talking about before?”

I whispered back, “Let’s wait until we’re in the room.”

Just then, I noticed Dr. Williams approach the two of us, with the woman with the short, dark hair I’d almost paired up with earlier. “Tammy, Melissa,” Dr. Williams said to us, “This is Cheryl. She’s the odd man out in the group and will be sharing a room with you two, so she isn’t stuck by herself.”

I quickly strategized what just happened in my head. While there was strength in numbers, a possible escape could potentially be slowed down by a third person. Also, every person included in whatever plan I might formulate was one more person who could potentially make a mistake and ruin any hopes of us getting out of Area 216.

It was these thoughts that went through my mind as I engaged in the very human gesture of extending my hand to Cheryl and saying, “Nice to meet you, roommate.”


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