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Three’s Company – Entry#21

Tammy gave a flirtatious smile to the guard as he lead her, Cheryl and myself to our new room together. “Why thank you,” she said to him as he opened the door and gestured for us to go inside. I studied him for a reaction.

While he remained professional, I was surprised to notice a subtle flush of color appear on his cheeks and the faint traces of a pleased smile. I looked at Tammy, who gave me a quick wink. We weren’t even in our new room and she was already working an angle for our escape. I could only hope Cheryl would be as willing a partner in crime.

Once the door closed behind us, Tammy promptly flopped herself onto one of the three beds. “So, Cheryl. What’s your story?”

Cheryl shrugged. “Same as everybody else, I guess. The first thing I remember is waking up, strapped to the bed. Can’t remember anything before that.”

Tammy continued, “Since it doesn’t really matter what happened before, what I guess I’m really trying to figure out is how you feel now.”

Cheryl looked at both of us. “I’m happy to have roommates. I wasn’t looking forward to going back to my room by myself.”

“It is nice,” I added. Tentatively, I asked, “Do you ever wonder what’s going on outside Area 216?”

Again, Cheryl shrugged. “I guess I hadn’t really thought about it much,” she answered.

Tammy gave her a piercing look, “We have. And you should too.”

We studied Cheryl’s face for a reaction. It took a moment before what we were suggesting registered with her. Quietly, she asked, “Are you two going to–?”

She was interrupted by Tammy faking a loud sneeze.  I gave Cheryl a tiny nod. Her eyes widened.


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