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Hatching a Plan – Entry#22

Cheryl brushed back her blunt bangs from her eyes, which I started to suspect was a habit she employed when she was unsure what else to do with her hands. Tammy’s gaze on her was intense. Tammy asked, “So here’s the deal. Melissa and I, are trying to figure out our next move. But now we’ve got you thrown into the mix.”

Cheryl’s eyes narrowed. She shot back at Tammy, “Is this some kind of tactic? Because it seems to me that if you have any interest on acting on any big scheme, you’re probably going to need my help.” I was impressed. This Cheryl might not be physically imposing, but she clearly wasn’t backing down in the face of Tammy’s bravado. I decided it was best for me to continue the conversation.

I said, “Cheryl, tensions are high and this is a bizarre situation, to say the least. I’m sure Tammy didn’t mean to come off as a bully.” I was actually quite sure that Tammy had intended to be a bully, but I sensed Cheryl appreciated my attempt to diffuse the situation and appeared willing to listen. I continued, “It’s unfair to expect you to commit to formulating a plan that has the potential to expose us to dangers unknown. But the two of us feel we should be the ones deciding our fate and not some army of lab coats.”

Cheryl listened to me and thought for a moment. She replied, “What kind of good fortune is it supposed to be that we were spared only to live like this?” She paused for a second before saying, “I’m in.”


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