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Next Moves – Entry#23

“So what did you guys have in mind?” Cheryl asked.

Tammy and I glanced at one another. What did we have in mind? I started thinking out loud.

“Well, security is obviously tight. Did you notice the one-sided glass in the room where we met?”

Cheryl nodded.

“Who knows what other means of surveillance they have in here,” I continued. Cheryl and Tammy looked around the room, presumably to see if they could find any signs of hidden cameras or microphones.

“That’s why it’s important we arouse as little suspicion as possible,” I said in a low tone of voice. “This place is built like a fortress. What we need to do is find a weak link and exploit it.”

Cheryl thought for a moment, “The technology looks impressive. But there’s always room for user error.”

I had an idea, which I shared with the ladies. “The guards probably have access in and out of here. We could try to get through to them.”

“Like Jake?” Tammy asked. Cheryl turned to Tammy, “Who’s Jake?”

Seemingly indifferent, Tammy replied, “You know, the guy who walked us to our room.”

Incredulously, I asked, “You know his name?”

Tammy flipped her hair coyly, “Oh we chatted a little bit on the walk over here. Got to talking about his motorcycle.”

Cheryl and I looked at each other. I said incredulously, “This might be easier than I thought.”