Breaking The Habit – Entry#25

I sat down on my bed, feeling my knees buckle underneath me. “That, I don’t have an answer for.”

Cheryl added, “Not yet. But let’s not cry defeat. It’s just another obstacle.”

Tammy threw herself on her bed, luxuriously stretching her legs. “You two seem smart enough. Since I’m in charge of the guards, I’ll leave you to figure out the medication situation.”

Cheryl’s optimism encouraged me to brainstorm. I said, thinking out loud, “We take our meds once a day. Depending on how long we plan on being away, we’d have to stock up.”

Cheryl smiled, “See? We’re already getting somewhere.” She added, “Maybe the same dosage doesn’t work for all of us. Look what happened to Carrie. What if we could figure out a way to squirrel away some of the pills they’re giving us?”

I thought back to seeing Carrie change back into a Zombie, her eyes devoid of life as she mindlessly attempted to gnaw her way through the two-way glass. On the outside, she appeared to be a monster. On the inside, I still had a memory of the searing pain she was likely experiencing because it was the same pain I experienced myself before beginning my daily regime of medication.

I answered, “That is possible. But it means we’d have to risk one of us changing back into a Zombie. I’m not sure I’m up for that.” Cheryl nodded in understanding.

The two of us fell silent. Tammy, on the other hand, seemed to be completely relaxed, her arms folded under her head with her legs stretched out in front of her. I couldn’t tell if she were indifferent or utterly confident in Cheryl’s and my ability to think ourselves out of this quandary.

I spoke again to Cheryl, “There are 216 of us living here. That’s 216 potential Zombies receiving a daily dose of whatever it is they’re giving us. That’s a lot of pills. Either they’re producing the drugs here in some kind of in-house factory, or getting a regular shipment from the outside. Either way, that means that on any given day, there are at least 216 pills in the facility.”

Cheryl’s eyes widened and she began to speak, “That’s 216 days’ worth of pills. That would last a single Zombie over seven months. But how are we going to find out where they’re keeping the medication?”

Both of us looked at Tammy and I said, “Hey Tammy.”

Tammy blinked and answered me by saying, “What?”

I continued, “Cheryl and I just thought about something else you and Jake can talk about.”


Next Moves – Entry#23

“So what did you guys have in mind?” Cheryl asked.

Tammy and I glanced at one another. What did we have in mind? I started thinking out loud.

“Well, security is obviously tight. Did you notice the one-sided glass in the room where we met?”

Cheryl nodded.

“Who knows what other means of surveillance they have in here,” I continued. Cheryl and Tammy looked around the room, presumably to see if they could find any signs of hidden cameras or microphones.

“That’s why it’s important we arouse as little suspicion as possible,” I said in a low tone of voice. “This place is built like a fortress. What we need to do is find a weak link and exploit it.”

Cheryl thought for a moment, “The technology looks impressive. But there’s always room for user error.”

I had an idea, which I shared with the ladies. “The guards probably have access in and out of here. We could try to get through to them.”

“Like Jake?” Tammy asked. Cheryl turned to Tammy, “Who’s Jake?”

Seemingly indifferent, Tammy replied, “You know, the guy who walked us to our room.”

Incredulously, I asked, “You know his name?”

Tammy flipped her hair coyly, “Oh we chatted a little bit on the walk over here. Got to talking about his motorcycle.”

Cheryl and I looked at each other. I said incredulously, “This might be easier than I thought.”